Dream Lisboa

Dream Lisboa was the exhibition/attraction of Homeing 2019, a showcase of roomsets for hotels, styled by 8 interior designers – the hotel industry and the new solutions which can serve the sector.

The professionals of architecture and decoration who attended this event presenting environment prototypes (bedrooms, bar, restaurant and hotel lobbies) were: Ana Cordeiro – Prego sem Estopa, Ding Dong, Dino Gonçalves, Elsa & Fernando Hipólito,  João Urbano & Manuel Arez – Conceitos de Arte, Paula Gomes e Sílvia Ramos – Insight, Tiago Patrício Rodrigues & João Bernardes Vilela – Pura Cal e Sílvia Costa.

“Le Moiré Room” by Dino Gonçalves
“A dream come true” by Elsa & Fernando Hipólito.
“Restaurante Grou” by Insight
“Luz de Mar” by Pura Cal
“Lobby Reflection” by Silvia Costa
“Lisbon Blues” by Ana Cordeiro
“Shadows” by Conceitos de Arte
“Dulcineia bar” by Ding Dong