The Lake Lodge

Hotel ambience proposal “The Lake Lodge”, inspired by Homeing 2023’s theme “Slow Living”, projected for contemporary living, whose design emphasises simplicity, functionality and a balanced lifestyle.

Patrícia Catalão has designed a space which invites one to slow down and set aside some time for a quiet, peaceful experience,connecting with nature and taking stock of everything done day in, day out. Playing on relaxed and informal lines, simultaneously, with the elegance and functionality of an organised space.

Apart from natural light, the focus is on use of natural materials such as wood, stone, linen and cotton, which have timeless quality and make a hotel room look welcoming and friendly.

All of the details of the “The Lake Lodge” proposal presented at Homeing 2023 were the brainchild of Patrícia Catalão to obtain balance and comfort, with an innovative, contemporary design, giving tips for different solutions through the interior projects being presented at Homeing.


Patrícia Catalão

Patrícia Catalão, Architect, implemented her brand in the Portuguese market, with the aim of creating innovative and creative projects adapted to current people and experiences.

Graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon, in 1997. Since 1997, Patrícia Catalão has had the opportunity to perform various roles, in collaboration with companies in the Architecture and Engineering sector. Fez is also part of the team of Valuation Engineers, carrying out Property Valuation and Inspection Processes. In the area of ​​Architecture, he participated in several urban planning projects, in addition to architectural projects for residential, commercial, hotel and service buildings.

She collaborated as a Senior Architect and Project Director, for 9 years, in a Studio in Lisbon that has roots in Angola, designing and monitoring works on residential buildings, offices and other uses. Patrícia Catalão specialized in architecture and interior design projects for private clients and investors. In recent years, he has developed projects and monitored the works of residential projects and renowned stores in the Portuguese market.